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Notes: When the occasion chooses to battle him in 12000 BC, he will die immediately after losing, and provides the celebration advice they need to save Crono (despite thinking about him weak for dying at Lavos' arms). The second line is claimed Should the player triggers a solution ending. He and Frog combat, but while the winner is just not explicitly uncovered, some players speculate the silhouette standing in addition to Magus's castle is Frog, presented its condition.

You little bitch! You are going to die, you realize this? You are going to suffer, and you simply will die. The sole way you're leaving Here's in the coffin. Who: Hunter Thibodeaux

No, Fabrizio wanted to impress me by putting all his cost savings into these tickets. It had been sweet of him but let's face it, I've larger expectations! Who: Lizzie Dion

Notice: The character is noticed having a bullet hole in his helmet when Conker seems up from ducking to see him.

Lifestyle on the inside cannot be any worse than daily life on the surface! Not less than I'm nevertheless alive... Who: Wilbur Owens

Observe: Character was eager for Carmen plus the participant to expose the evidence bringing about him, but nonetheless defied becoming the killer. As Carmen laid out the parts of proof that provided his caviar and his green eyes, Dmitri informed the reality about him killing Mikhail. Dmitri claimed that he killed the notary not for his estate, but fairly, for honor – the distinction of safeguarding Duchess Anastasia.

Take note: Character endured a circumstance of dissociative amnesia, according to Marina. When he recovered, he admitted to the crime. Blair felt alone although Functioning within the station and considered that he and Julia have been built for one another, so he couldn't stand when Julia turned down him.

Notice: Character stated that his daughter experienced run absent, leaving a note indicating that she experienced still left for Paris. Convinced that Kristopher had taken her, Elias confronted him. Kristopher obtained Elias to pay in Trade for information on his daughter's whereabouts, but he only laughed at his encounter when here he received the payment.

Take note: Character claimed that she only aided individuals, not harm them. Amy went right down to small business by telling For every-Sephone from the evidence they obtained. For each-Sephone claimed she wanted to grant her grasp's would like for weatlhy by making use of Ernest's standby button to "convert him off" and filling his circuits with money. Right after doing so, she was dumbfounded to see that he didn't "activate" all over again. Just as much as Amy discovered the arrest Odd, she needed to allow the player to ship the robot to guage Dante for demo. Choose Dante felt this was the weirdest indictment but provided that he had to sentence a equipment in lieu of a human.

Observe: Character stated that Georgina turned him down right after their intimate summer resulting from his deficiency of prosperity. When Ernest turned rich and famous on account of his poetry, he approached her Once more, only to have advised that he wasn't a superb suitor, that she would prefer to kiss a frog.

Observe: Character at first denied killing her brother, whom she liked, but admitted the crime quickly right after. Amrita was by yourself from the museum and felt a person approaching her from behind. Contemplating the individual was a raider, she rotated and fired her gun without the need of figuring out the individual (for each her brother's advice on self-defense).

Observe: Character is attempting to construct a barricade to stop zombies from coming into the Entrance Plaza on the Willamette Parkview Shopping mall, asking the sport's most important protagonist Frank West to go get some materials in the back on the plaza. He's killed when the barricade is destroyed.

To start with he cheated me after which you can he looked down on me? I had been in a very eliminate-get rid of predicament, so he Shed! Who: Luz Lucha

I'd personally've under no circumstances brought disgrace on my household if it hadn't been for sticking their nose the place it failed to belong! Who: Vikram Joshi

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